Rhine Engineering Private Limited is a Company specializing in fabricating various equipments 'build to print' as per design and drawings of the Customer. The Company is certified by ASME for U, U2 Stamp for Section VIII Division 1 & 2. The Company has an R Stamp and is also approved by PESO (CCOE). The company builds and sells various types of vaporizers through its division Cryoquip India under license from Cryoquip LLC, USA. ACD Cryogenic pumps and parts are supported in India by ACD India a division of Rhine Engineering Private Limited and under the license from ACD LLC, USA. The turbo expander manufactures and sold by ACD LLC, USA are supported by ACD India service staff for installation and commissioning.


Rhine Engineering is located 21Km south of the city of Vadodara (27Km from Vadodara Airport) on Mumbai-Ahmedabad National Highway No-8. Vadodara city is located 424Km north of Mumbai and well connected by Air, Rail & Road Transport to Mumbai and Delhi.


Rhine Engineering is A Subsidiary of CRYOGENIC INDUSTRIES specializing in fabricating various equipment 'build to print' as per design and drawings of the customer.


Cryogenic Industries is committed to conducting its business fairly and impartially, in an ethical and proper manner, and in accordance with the Company's values and formalized Policy on Business Conduct.
Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries Group Announces its Consolidation

Cryogenic Industries, Inc. (and its subsidiaries, ACD, Cosmodyne and Cryoquip) announce their functional consolidation with Nikkiso Cryo, Inc., to be known as “Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries Group” (the Group).

The Group’s creation involves the strengthening and development of five functional units of the companies. The Cryogenic Pumps unit aligns ACD’s and Nikkiso Cryo’s lines of pumps. The Cryogenic Process Systems unit incorporates turbo expanders along with LNG and Air Separation plants. The Heat Exchanger Systems unit focuses on cryogenic vaporizers, LNG and industrial gas equipment. The Cryogenic Services unit provides service and support through a broad network of global facilities. A newly created Integrated Cryogenic Solutions unit will allow for centralized management of product and project development across channels and in multiple market segments. Through joint research and innovation, the Group will provide increased engineering and systems solutions for market development.

“One key benefit of our new business approach is the capacity to expand our offerings and provide a comprehensive product line for clean energy such as LNG and hydrogen, in addition to our existing line of products for industrial gases. We’re calling this segment our ‘One Clean Energy Group,’” said Peter Wagner, President and CEO of Cryogenic Industries. “We are looking forward to working together with Nikkiso Cryo as Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries Group, with our shared experience, resources and commitment to quality. This will allow us to focus more closely on our customers’ needs, providing individual support, service and solutions.”

The functional consolidation will provide the opportunity for a more expansive look at the customer’s product experience and extend the Group’s global reach across increased markets. The full integration will take place over the next several months.

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Nikkiso has acquired Cryogenic Industries

In August 2017, Nikkiso Co., Ltd. acquired Cryogenic Industries, and all of its operations, including ACD, Cosmodyne and Cryoquip.

Nikkiso is a global leader in advanced technologies for Industrial, Clean Energy, Aerospace and Medical markets. Their industrial product line includes cryogenic pumps and pump systems and this acquisition brings a natural synergy of both companies’ products and objectives.

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